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Fineblanking Economies

Fineblanking Economies
Fineblanking is a process that provides parts with smooth edges and high accuracy. Because of the stability and precision of the process many secondary operations can be eliminated. These include:
Gear Hobbing
Fineblanking can produce, in a single step, a part that would require multiple operations, set-ups, and man-hours using other processes. As a result Fineblanking is frequently the lowest total cost option.
Basic fineblanking process
To manufacture parts in fineblanking quality, the following conditions have to be met:
fineblanking press
fineblanking tool
malleable material
Before the material is actually fineblanked, it is firmly clamped, so
that it can flow only in cutting direction. On the outside of the
component‘‘‘‘s cutting line, the material is sandwiched by the die and
the V-ring plate (stinger), inside by the punch and counter punch.
The clearance between punch and die measures only a few 100ths of a mm
(1/1000 of an inch) and the cutting speed is relatively slow.

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